oldnewSo after much debate (because I don’t like going back and forth on any issue, including my blog website), I’ve decided to switch back to my original blog on blogspot.  It is a lot easier to use, and is also SUPER CUTE now that I’ve discovered shabbyblogs.com, thanks to some great friends!  I’ve enjoyed my time with wordpress, but with the holidays coming up, I didn’t think I could take many more posts without video :) haha  So thanks to all of my loyal readers! Just switch your links (or click on the ones I post) back to annabaur.blogspot.com!!


There is a special charm about downtown Charleston.  During the day, it is windy and bustling, but almost in an old-fashioned way.  And at night, it’s so charming and romantic, so fun and open.  It’s so great having such a lovely place nearby!

Tonight, Mikey and I headed downtown with some very good friends, Sarah and Billy, who will be tying the knot in 19 DAYS!! :) We are so happy for them and excited to have the chance to share in their big day!  Here are some pics to commemorate a wonderful evening with two awesome people:





I normally avoid politics and don’t get carried away by discussions on this or that policy. But I’ve been hearing a lot about health care, which is something I care very deeply about, and some of the things being said and supported are breaking my heart. Because health care isn’t about a system. It isn’t about government or private venues. It isn’t about slippery slopes or who will end up paying. Health care is about LIFE. It is truly that simple. People are dying. Dying or suffering unduly or losing their homes to fight diseases that are treatable, symptoms that are avoidable. And we are sitting here letting those people suffer, arguing about a system. About government. What about their lives? Have we become so blinded by ideologies and pointless principles that we will let someone die to prove our point? Is that who we have become as a nation? As a body of faithful people, even? Some have acknowledged the drastic need for helping those who have lost or cannot afford their health care, and many claim individuals should help them and I agree! But the sole help of individuals is the system we are working under now, and people are still dying unnecessarily. So many who see the need to give lose sight of that need when it comes time to give or become too involved in their own lives to actually give as they propose for others to do. I don’t have the money to help everyone needing health care, but I do have a voice. If that is all I can offer, I will give them that. I cannot give them life, but I want to be able to offer them a chance.

Especially for me, it has been a loooong time since my last post.  I have been SO busy since the start of school!  I’m taking fourteen hours at CofC and an EMT class through trident technical college.  My main time-consumer is my comparative anatomy class…it is insane.  We are working through the skeleton of all vertebrate animals.  I have a quiz on the skulls of fish, amphibians, and reptiles next week and then the midterm…aaah!  I’m really enjoying all that I’m getting to learn this semster, especially in comp anatomy and my EMT course, so that makes everything worth it.  But with all of the craziness, it’s been hard to take some time for myself…to hang out, to blog, and to just rest.  So this is a quick post, and I wanted to share some pictures from a Girls’ Night I had with some friends while Mikey and respective husbands went to a Braves game!

In the car on the way to dinner at Kickin’ Chicken:


The Goonie wives at dinner :)


So for Mikey’s 23rd birthday, which was almost a week ago (sorry it’s taken so long), we attempted a surprise lunch for him!  He had already planned on meeting Brian for sushi, but with a church leadership meeting that night, dinner was out.  So while Mikey slept in, blissfully ignorant of my conniving schemes, I talked to Brian and some other friends about meeting for lunch.  When Mikey woke up, I told him that I didn’t want him to have to plan on his bday, so Brian and I alerady coordinated to do lunch at 11:30.  The plan was for him to text me when everyone was gathered downstairs, and then I would tell Mikey that Brian was outside.  And when we went down to meet Brian, everyone would be there!  I thought it was a genius last-minute festivity!  However, when Brian arrived, we weren’t quite ready, so he came up to meet us…trying to act like he always would.  With Mikey right down the hall, he whispered to me who was here, and Mikey overheard him mentioning our good friends Oscar and Maria.  So as we walked down the stairs to the amazing “surprise,” he was asking if we were taking their van or what.  When everyone jumped out from behind a car screaming happy birthday’s and surprises, he was like, “hey guys! what’s up?”  He was still surprised a little bit, right?! :)

So we went on to this sushi place that Alexa’s cousin owns, and it was DELICIOUS!   We had such a great time laughing and hanging out with friends.  And they even brought Mikey ice cream and sang to him! :)  And then some kid in the restaurant was also having a birthday, so we all sang to him as well! :)  After lunch, Mikey and I just rested…he was pretty tired from surfing for a while the previous day on his birthday surf board :)  Overall, the day was wonderful!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN TO MY AMAZING HUSBAND!!

DSC00723 DSC00724



Since my last blog, so much has happened! My life went from the restful haze of summer to the whirlwind of academia!  This past Monday, I presented my poster on the research I’ve been doing with lizards over last semester and this summer.  I was SO nervous going into it, feeling pretty prepared but not knowing exactly what to expect.  In some poster sessions, people walk up to you and ask you really difficult, unnecessary questions just to bloat their intellectual egos, but happily, such academic snobs were few and far between on Monday!  Everything went really well.  By the time the poster session was over, I had answered various reasonable and smart questions and presented my methods, results, and conclusions far more times than I would care to count.  It really helped to prep me for jumping back into research this semester, and also for starting my bachelor’s essay this semester on that research.

On Tuesday, classes began.  I am really enjoying my classes so far!  I am taking comparative vertebrate anatomy, which focuses on how different anatomic parts and systems develop through time, using the phylogeny of chordates.  There is a lot of information and tons of terminology, but I feel like I am at least starting to get a grasp on what we’ll be doing.  And it is actually really fun!  My other two classes seem interesting, and we’ll see how those progress as well.  As I said, i’m continuing work on my research.  I am also taking an EMT course, and my first class was this friday! I went into it a bit nervous, not knowing how continuing ed course are conducted at trident or what would be expected of me in this class, because I’d missed the first one for the trip to Atlanta.  But all went well! We started discussing the various systems of the human body, and it was AWESOME!!!  It was so much of what really interests me, and I am very much looking forward to the coming classes!

So that’s about it for me.  Sorry there aren’t any fun pictures or exciting tales for this blog.  Just a recap of a crazy change in my life.  It is so great to be busy and productive again!  :)  Now, I am off to celebrate Mikey’s 23rd birthday! Another post will soon follow, I am sure!

My last week of summer has been so much fun!  To start off, I went to Clemson to visit some of the most wonderful girls in the world.  They are some of my best friends, and we had a great time going to the pool, eating dinner at a cute Italian restaurant, and celebrating Aly’s birthday!!  The next day, classes started for them, but we got to meet for lunch before I headed back home on Wednesday.

DSC00443 DSC00453


On Thursday, Mikey and I drove up to Atlanta.  We kicked off our first solo vacation since our honeymoon with dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and some sight-seeing.  Friday was a busy day, packed with the Georgia Aquarium, the Coca-Cola Factory, and a Braves v. Marlins game!  At the aquarium, there were a bunch of touch tanks, some beluga whales and whale sharks, and tons of other aquatic wonders :)  The Coca-Cola Factory was, of course, amazing.  We really enjoyed getting to taste different Coke products from around the world.  Mikey even found Guarana, a soda he discovered on a mission trip to Brazil a few years ago.  My favorites were coke classic and Manzana, a delicious apple soda from Mexico, but I tried a bunch of crazy options, too!

The view from our room :)


At the Georgia Aquarium! (whale sharks are huge)

DSC00522 DSC00598

At the Coca-Cola Factory!! :)

DSC00633 DSC00659

Friday night, we walked from our hotel, which was right across the street from Turner Field, to the game.  We watched the Braves at batting practice; then, we met my parents for dinner at the Chop House, looking out over the field for the marlins’ batting practice.  Once the game started, we got to see the Braves score some runs, and we were even on the jumbotron!!  And then the rain hit.  There was a TWO AND A HALF HOUR rain delay, which we waited out.  During our wait, we had some of the best pizza known to man. When the game finally started back up, there were only about 100 fans left, so we all crowded around the braves dugout and cheered on our beloved team!!  Tim Hudson looked straight at Mikey and asked in amazement, “what are you still doing here?!”  And Terry Pendleton threw a ball right to Mikey, without him having to even ask for it.  It was a great night.  Saturday, we slept in then packed up and headed out.  The trip was so much fun, and Mikey is already dreaming of our next trip to see the Braves :)

Meeting Mom and Dad for dinner :)


Excited about being on the jumbotron! …then sad about the rain delay

DSC00692 DSC00695

By the Dugout when the game started back up!!!


Mikey with the ball from Terry Pendleton :)